“Master your Fears, Stress, Panic Attacks, Weight Issues, Smoking and more … and then let them go!”

“The Instruction Manual for the Mind”

By Barry Wright-Jones


So you want to sort your life out?

Barry Wright-Jones is a Hypnotherapist, Inspirational Speaker, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach based in the worlds Medical Centre of Excellence, Harley Street in London.

His simple but effective techniques have inspired thousands to change their lives for the better.

“The Instruction Manual for the Mind” has been written so that anyone can understand how their mind works and make permanent changes.

Whether your issue is Fear, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Weight (Barry is the creator of The Harley Street Diet therapy), Smoking and more, this book explains, in everyday terms, what is going on and how you can resolve it.


“We really believe this should be taught in schools ….”

Says Barry …”I wrote the book after I had been seeing clients for about 10 years, and realised that, by using my own simple techniques, not only could I sort out someones issues, but, by teaching them the basics of how the mind works, they would go away and sort out a lot of their other issues.

It made sense that I couldn’t see and sort out thousands upon thousands of clients every month, but by putting my techniques into a book, they would be able to have the information that they need to sort themselves out!

I’m amazed by the response that I get from all over the world about how people are applying the techniques to their everyday life and resolving issues that before, seemed like they would never be free of.

It’s also interesting to hear about school children who have read the book and applied the simple techniques and have gained confidence in all areas of their life …. all because they now understand what fear, procrastination, motivation, willpower etc are all about and how it can hold you back if you don’t understand and master them”

Try before you Buy!


The Instruction Manual for the Mind is available as both a paperback and now as a download.

If you’d like to “try before you buy” and see what the book can do for you, just click on the link below and download the first 4 chapters for free!

Or, if you’d just prefer to get stuck in and start sorting your life out straight away, you can choose from the Full Download version or the Full Download + Paperback version

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